Going on the Road? Bring Your Own AV team

Posted by Jon Young on Jul 31, 2018 9:10:54 AM

bring your own av teamRemember that favorite stuffed teddy bear you had to take everywhere with you as a kid? And if your parents forgot to pack him, chances are, you were not a happy camper? You wanted to bring him because you trusted him. He brought you comfort and peace of mind while traveling to a new place and encountering new people.

Now, think of your AV team like your favorite teddy bear. Just because you're traveling out of town to host an event doesn't mean you have to hire a new, local AV team. Bring yours with you! In fact, bringing your own team can benefit you (and your event) in three critical ways.

Trust. Continuity. Peace of mind.

Trust is the Foundation of Flawless

As you work together to plan and execute events, you and your AV team get to know one another. You understand what information they need to get things done, and you trust them to meet your expectations. In the end, you know what you’re going to get — no surprises, and no dropped balls. Over time, you build trust.

When you take a team you already trust on the road, it's easy to know your event is in good hands. You can check sound, visuals, lighting, and staging — all crucial — off your list of worries. That’s a relief and a huge time-saver.

Continuity Protects and Reinforces Your Branding

Thanks to the rapport you built while working together, your AV team knows your message and how you like to deliver it — the unique tone and look of your brand, if you will. They understand that you cannot afford to gamble with your branding or your message. And since they know you so well, you can work together to really get creative, without fear of risking your event.

Continuity also provides familiarity, which is reassuring. For example, when executives and other presenters are getting ready to deliver their message, they want the fewest distractions possible. New faces who are unfamiliar with their typical routine and setup are undesirable. On the contrary, it's comforting to see the same friendly faces who understand how to hook up their mic in a particular way. That way, instead of worrying about explaining something to a new technician, they can focus on their message.

Peace of Mind is Priceless

Producing an event, small or large, can be a stressful task. You typically have to serve an array of internal “customers,” in the C-suite and beyond while juggling their expectations. You don’t have time to get to know a new AV team every time you plan an event in a new location. An AV team that already knows you well will make you and your execs look and sound professional. No matter where you are.

It's an Investment, Not an Expense

Sure, it costs money to bring your AV team with you. But you’re investing in the quality of your event and the consistent presentation of your brand. You know your AV company will charge you fairly. Besides, those who approve your budget know that your company’s brand and message are far more important than paying a little extra for travel. It’s all about value.

Without your trusted AV team by your side, you can’t be sure every detail will be perfect. And you surely can’t expect an unknown crew in each locale to be ardently committed to your branding-specific details. Or to offering innovative, experience-enhancing ideas. Knowing all that, why would you not bring your AV team with you on the road?

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