Top Event Technology Trends to Look For in 2018

Posted by Jon Young on May 24, 2018 9:34:17 AM

event technologyWhether it's the internet, smartphone, mobile apps, or AI, technology is ever-changing, upgrading, and allowing people to do more cool things they never dreamed of both at home and at events. You can’t even have lights, sound, or video at an event without tech! But this year's events aren't like last year's and they won't be the same as next year's.

So, what are the top event technology trends in 2018?

Is That Your Face I See?

No one loves to stand around waiting to check in. With facial recognition software, you could identify individuals as they approach and have their badge or wristband ready to go. Not only have you thoroughly impressed your guests, but you boosted event security, too.

Wait, there’s more. Facial recognition is how Facebook and Snapchat identify photo tagging. So, when attendees tag their friend in posts, they’re connecting your event with more people.

Just Say No to Dough

Along with personal ID, you can embed RFID technology into badges and wristbands to enable cashless transactions. That allows attendees to move around your event and pay for food and beverages or other purchases with a swipe. No cash or cards required. They can tag-up at sponsor booths, too, to get giveaways and prizes or take a survey.

There’s an App for That

Custom-designed event apps put everything about your event at attendees’ fingertips, before and during the event. They can plan their activities and schedule, and make changes on the fly as they track the action.

Artificial Intelligence Makes it More Real

We’re all about personalization these days, and AI is making that happen for us in many aspects of our lives. So, why not at events? Chatbots boost customer service by answering attendee questions quickly and efficiently, without taking up staff time.

AI apps can even delve into attendee social media profiles to offer personalized recommendations on what to do or see at your event.

With the Touch of a Finger

Touchscreen kiosks help with wayfinding, and touchable digital walls or other surfaces literally invite hands-on interaction. Very cool.

One Step at a Time

Smart mats are unobtrusive tech that can be strategically placed anywhere to gain analytics and intelligence from those attending your event. These mats allow you to capture footfall, time spent in any one area of your event, and impressions. You can share this data with your sponsors and prospective sponsors, too.

More Than a Bunch of Fancy Gadgets

Event technology options that enable self-service make it easier for people to customize their experience. They’ll learn more or uncover more surprises or have more fun. And you can bet they’ll share that with their friends.

Many of these tech innovations not only augment attendee experience, they offer a dandy side-benefit for event organizers and sponsors, too. You can capture attendee behavior and spending data, then use it in real time to track response and make changes, if you want. Later, you can use the data for event analysis and future planning.

No one can attend every conference, trade show, meeting, concert, or festival out there. Will people be there for yours, or pass it up? Adopting carefully-selected event technology is a way to make sure your production is at the top of the must-attend list for 2018.

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