What Exactly is Audio Visual? [VIDEO]

Posted by Jon Young on Jul 19, 2018 1:43:06 PM

“What do you mean when you say AV?” This is one of the questions we get on a daily basis in our field. AV is an acronym for audio visual, and, simply put, it’s your presentation and production at an event, show, or conference. AV is made up of three main components: audio, lighting, and video. In the video below, Heroic’s Jon and Steve talk through what each of these components mean.

What is AV


Audio involves communicating what the presenters or entertainers are doing on stage so that all the audience can hear. This could be one speaker presenting to the crowd, or a band with multiple singers. Microphones, lav mics, and speakers are all excellent devices to use as long as they are set up properly so everyone can hear loud and clear.


Lighting is so much more than helping you see the people on stage. When done right, lighting seamlessly creates a mood and enhances the theme of the event. But it is important to take into account the venue and the type of entertainment. Different events require different kinds and different amounts of lighting.


Video is probably how you relay the bulk of the content at your event. Whether you are showing slides or live casting what is happening on stage, incorporating video is a great way to deliver your message to a crowd and ensure that they can see what is happening.

Audio, lighting, and video are the three components that make up AV. While the breakdown of sound and lighting terminology is simple, how AV is executed at your event or conference can make or break its success. Luckily with today’s technology, the options are endless!

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